Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our Apartment

Our apartment is in the traditional city center, a block south of where the pedestrian zone of narrow cobbled streets begins. The building formerly housed the Metz police department, and there's still a small police station housed in a ground-floor corner. Our apartment must be the grandest in the building, with its fifteen-foot ceilings, elaborate paneling and moldings, and tall windows.

The only downside has been, I think, remediated. No one had lived there for a month, so the heat was off, the place was chillingly cold, and getting the heaters going kept triggering the apartment's main circuit breaker. We'd sit there on a couch, and suddenly everything would go black. Nicolas figured things out, and by this afternoon the apartment was warm without unexpectedly plunging us into darkness. An electrician came by and verified that everything's working properly. Susie and I feel much more comfortable now, and have unpacked.

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  1. Hello David, How lovely. I'm considering a European base myself... Did you find Metz to be convenient for rail travel to Germany, Switzerland, and back to Paris? What was the biggest challenge of living in Metz? Also, if you're willing to, I'd love to have the details on your exact apartment, if you'd be willing to share more via email (I'm tbigelow[at]astorreid[dot]com ). I would love to following your example, down right to the apartment.