Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nearly on Our Way Home

Our plane leaves from Paris on Saturday morning, so we're starting our way home on Friday. It's been a great few months, full of professional growth thanks to Georgia Tech-Lorraine, of satisfaction of teaching thanks to the students here, of discovering and learning about Metz and Lorraine, and of exploring much of northern France.

Susie and I have spent the last two days here in Metz, repacking and saying goodbyes. As you can tell from the blog postings over the last few days, we had worked our way east from Brittany. We spent two nights in Rouen and two nights in Rheims. I was able to post the blog entries for Rouen, and I hope to get some of the blog entries on Rheims posted before we leave. However, that will still leave a lot left unblogged, and I'm planning to post these items after we get back to El Paso. The remaining material includes villages in the Champagne region, our trip to Malta for the LREC 2010 conference, our visit here in Metz to the Robert Schumann museum (the father of the European Union, not the composer), more details of Paris, much more on Rheims, and some reflections on contrasts of daily life in Metz and El Paso.

So please check back over the course of the next few weeks for these postings.

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