Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Georgia Tech - Lorraine

Georgia Tech - Lorraine's building forms part of the the Metz "Technopole," a kind of technology-oriented district that houses both educational and research institutions. The area resembles an American research park. The facilities--schools, dormitories, research units, tech companies-- encircle a large pond.

With Metz's winter temperatures, the pond is almost completely frozen over. There's a sign forbidding swimming and boating, but there's not much chance of either for the time being. Runners and bicyclists take advantage of a bike path around the pond; a pedestrian path below the bike path looked too icy to chance. The pond's two unfrozen surfaces are a very small area near where a creek flows in and a slightly larger area where the pond's waterfowl, mostly ducks and a few swans, are able to swim.

Here's the view from my office, looking east across the pond.

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