Sunday, January 10, 2010

Susie on Her Way to India

As I wrote earlier, our current short-term stay in Metz is to get things set up for the semester, which is sort of a shame because we're just beginning to make friends here. I'll be heading home to El Paso at the end of the week. Susie has a head-start on returning, with something of a detour. She left today on a trip to Bangladesh and India to explore issues of women in the developing world with a group of alumnae from the Seven Sisters colleges. Train and plane tickets in hand, Susie set off from the Lorraine TGV station. A surprising number of TGVs come through the station. Each stops for about 5 minutes. So you want to make sure you have the right track, the right train, and the right time.

Susie heads down the ramp to Track 4.

The TGV Est to Paris-CDG approaches.

The train enters the TGV Lorraine station.

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