Wednesday, March 31, 2010

L'université Paul Verlaine - Metz

Metz's big public university is the Université Paul Verlaine - Metz, which enrolls about 14,000 students in undergraduate and graduate programs through the Ph.D. Susie and I visited the campus last week. The school is located across the main channel of the Moselle from downtown Metz. It's a pleasant stroll from the old part of the city over to the campus and then back through the parks intertwined with the river. The computer science department is housed in part of this large building.

Despite being bisected by an overhead freeway, which separates the academic buildings from the dormitories, the campus has an open and gracious atmosphere.

Student housing is at the south end of the campus.

A gym and sports fields are just past the dormitories.

The campus is pretty much surrounded by water, with the Moselle on one side and the Plan d'Eau on the other.

Although the architecture isn't Oxford's, the waterside does have its charm.

And with the emerging warmth of spring, a kayaker paddled by the university.

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